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In April 2012, numbers of our members who are in search for life partner are approaching 23500. Hurry to register in our matrimonial muslim website: profile with number 23500, will receive free BRONZE MEMBERSHIP.  Read more


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Matrimonial tips: photos

As a rule, the first letters don’t bind people, as you just start to know each other and still don’t understand if you like each other and how you match.

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Will your correspondance lead to marriage or ... disappointment?
Acquaintance via Letters: what one should know

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First impressions always count in matters of the heart; with “Quick Message” feature language barriers and choice of words are history. 

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Интересные истории. Из отзывов брачного восточного сайта MarryMeCity.

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Как гласит народная пословица: «С лица воду не пить» или «Не родись красивой, а родись счастливой».Read more